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Title: Association
parings: OC X Ruki, Aoi X OC
Warnings:naughty language for now
Disclaimer: i can't own them... but i own the story!
Summary: "Do you feel that whatever you did wrong you just want to end it?"
Comments: bottom :D


“Wait, I need to talk to you! It was my fault! All of it… I’m sorry! I ruined your life just like I did on the first goddamned day.” I felt the heated liquid from my eyes drip on the coffee colored carpet of the apartment. I whimpered like a pathetic toddler who fell off the 2 foot high swing. I want this over. I can’t take it. Burning by waiting. The pain of dread inclosing in me. Having the walls chase me into my own cradled ball. My shadow leaving my side for another…
I felt vibrations of thumped footsteps quietly ambled past me having the wind tingle against my skin.
He stopped at the door and turned to me with a spineless glance. My breathing hitched. I never felt more terrified in my living existence before my... best friend.
“Takanori...” Don’t say it... I trembled viciously not wanting to hear the stabbing words as I let my head hang downwards. I knew it already. My worst fear happened. He disowned me.
“It was your fault. Don’t ever talk to me again. You lied to me. Your ugly face is pathetic to even glace at. I won’t care what you do after this so cry, cut, and choke yourself for my pain. Ok?”
He slammed the door that left a chilly echo of loneliness. It sunk in. I wanted to die by murder, rape, suicide. Any way is amazing for me right now.
My knees hit the floor with a hard thud.
How weak I must looked, spending hours focusing on just my respiratory system functionality on the dirty floor. There’s no point trying to.
A thick silence had taken over me and I closed my eyes.
I didn’t fall asleep. When I opened my eyes, it was all black. Everything and myself cloaked in the never ending black hole called my apartment. This is fucked up. The coldness of this box was too much. I got up and limped to the door because my legs fell asleep on me. And for some reason, I felt like going to the park. So I did.
I sat on the swings contemplating what happened. It wasn’t real. Pain couldn’t hurt me inside as much as it did outside.
Could it?
I’m starting to believe.
I suddenly felt a clothed hand on my mouth. As breathing became difficult I felt that this was supposed to happen. I struggled to get the intrusion off but the unknown person was stronger than me. I whimpered and gave up. I relaxed in the firm grip.
I heard a soft whisper in my right ear.
“I would have at least thought someone like you would put up a better fight. By the way, you got any electronics on you? Any money? Eh? Respond! I’m robbing you punk. Hey kid! Eh?” I didn’t want to talk. I’ll just let this happen. I started seeing the white spots in my vision and got light headed. Maybe starving myself all day was a good idea after all. I was going limp in the firm hands.
“Hey kid, what are you doing out here anyway? It’s like… 3 in the morning.” He moved the hand from my mouth but I still didn’t say anything. He let go of me all the way and walked in front of me. I could make out his features; he had black hair, a lip piercing and a killer eye. He was tall and strong so it was very intimidating to me. The raven bent down getting eye to eye. He just…stared at me and I looked down uncomfortable.
“If I didn’t know any better… I’d think you were somehow going to kill yourself.” My eyes widened.
“You seem to be really sad, depressed, and sick… Can I ask something?” I looked at him puzzled.
Is this guy serious? You were just going to mug me and now you’re my therapist? What the fuck?
I hesitated.
“G-go ahead.” It came out strained. My throat was sore from all the crying I did earlier. I was broken. And this stranger asking me mental questions weren’t going to fix it.
He smirked and it confused me.
“Do you feel that whatever you did wrong you just want to end it? Don’t answer yet. Or that what you feel was wrong you have this uncontrollable desire to exterminate the problem? You’re thinking no right now but as you put deep thought into your situation…Boom!” he made a hand gun to my face and for some reason I had a feeling of overwhelming realization for the first time. “Right? Am I right? I’ve seen a person like you before and, I regret that I couldn’t help that poor soul.” He clutched his chest as a jester to his not-so-deep words.
What’s this guy getting at?
“You don’t know anything about me.”
“As I expected, you still don’t trust me…” He got up and turned his back to me. I noticed that as he slowly walked away, he muttered low walking from side to side. Almost like he was a wasted guy thrown out of a bar to wonder around aimlessly and wake up in an alley. I started to go with my assumption. This guy was just saying bull shit to me.
But why?
“Why do you even care?” I bit my lip. Maybe it was too soon for being a brat.
“I want you to be my trainee. Without all this drama shit in your life, actually have a will for living. Don’t you agree life is a piece of shit? I’m offering my dedication for having you, being the best under my surveillance. You’ll be feared, intimidating, and stealthy in the wonderful world of the ASSOCIATION. You’re perfect for it. And if you don’t accept…termination is a welcomed sentence in this field of duty. Nobody will give a shit about you after that. So, do you decline my offer?”
I was speechless. What in the fucking world is this man talking about? What the hell is the ‘Association’? What training and why? I had too many questions and in my state, it was overwhelming me. Does this mean… I have no choice anymore? I have one answer and that’s the one I didn’t want when this lecture started. Will this guy really kill me if I refuse? There was just one more question I need to know…
“What’s your name?” my heart started to speed up and I didn’t know why. With this one little question, I could be already deciding my fait? It’s too late.
“If I tell, your answer has to be yes.” It was stern and clear.
I understand now.
I lifted my body from the swing and stood if front of him. My confidence returned. No going back. Is this what I really want? Of course not, but I can’t go back to my ruined life right now.
“My name is Takanori Mastumoto.” I lifted my hand up. This is it. This is my contract. My dedication. My new life. I understand everything. The only thing in the way was a simple name…
“I’m Aoi. Welcome to the Association.”

So this is my first story/entry. sorry if i had any mistakes :/ if i sound boring or tired right thats cus i am. lol anyways i hope whatever viewers i get, enjoy and tell me if you want more kay?
comments are bullets to my gun :3


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Sep. 30th, 2012 06:28 am (UTC)
eh? what r u talking about?
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