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Title: Association
Pairings: OC x Ruki, Aoi x OC, still... i know bish move XD
Warnings: Bad language, sexual themes, killing -_-
Disclaimer: I want them! but can't have them....... :'(
Summary: People think it’s stupid to keep your Identity a secret from the world and that it only happens in movies.
Comments: Bottom :D


I returned to my presumed home to meet that dick Aoi. He’d bite my ankle if I called him by anything else. The guy doesn’t give a shit about you or your mom so NEVER use it against him. All I know is not to mess with a raven haired, lip pierced, and a guitar playing Jap with an official killing record that the Yakusa is even scared of.
“Soooooooooo…………. Fuck you assmonkeys if you want more get me some food!!!”
“Again with this?!”
“No, I want taco rice now!!” I said with pride suppressing my laughter with a cuffed hand. I need some suppressed laughs released from my funny bone.
I watched the man whisper into the ear of another who screamed at me earlier and gave me a death glare. His attempts to scare me were amusing me. He trudged out and slammed the metal door.
We were at a pause and took advantage of it. I rubbed my sore hands on the unstable table and stared at a thin man sitting on the other side writing in a cheap book about me. I turned my head slightly and saw the person who has been interrogating me for the last 3 hours beside the locked door. I then looked at my hands, and slowly tucked them under the table hunching my back to cover the cameras behind me. Trying not to clunk the metal rings together, like an escape artist I was getting freed with my own nails. It took about half a minute to get the nail in and all I need was one more turn. I knew it was going to make a sound in this silent room and so at the same time I was to do so, I grunted loudly and received a couple glares.
Played it off nicely.
While I was going for the second cuff, this one was harder and as I was struggling to get the next biggest nail to go in the keyhole. I hadn’t realized that my face was contorting in inappropriate ways and giving off a grunt once in a while, totally wasn’t helping my cause out at all. Especially with the arm movements I was doing down to my legs. It was very stuffy in the room so I was sweating down my face; I probably looked like a desperate boy wanting to get a release.
Oh! It’s in!
My concentration was interrupted.
“What are you doing?!” The writer exclaimed in a disgusted manner bringing the attention the other officer and making their way beside me with disapproving eyes. I quickly shot my head up.
I’m fucked!
“I was eh…” I lifted my hands up desperately holding the loose one in place. “Ch-checking the time?” As I tilted my wrist in my pitiful attempt to show them that I had no watch, bracelet, or any other kind of wrist accessory.
I stayed frozen with wide eyes as the metal dangling there swayed back and forth as if to mock me in my fail. I pouted.
Both of the men stood up and sucked there teeth in getting at my back.
“Pretty slick kid, you could have gotten away with it if I didn’t think you were doing a quickie.” He chuckled to himself taking my head and violently pinning it to the cold table as they tugged my arms from behind me.
“Hey, those things weren’t so good now were they?” I tried to make the situation better than what it was to be.
“Shut up.” I cocked a brow and smiled. I had gotten to them, surprised them, and fucked up my files. What I just did, showed them that I had more to offer than just a ‘wrong place wrong time’ crime. They need REAL experts on my case. Finally.
I could feel the warm liquid run my face and licked it. I was hungry.
They removed my restrictions and placed on a pair of new ones behind me. They let me go and resumed their positions.
“Hey, out curiosity. You thought I was doing a quickie? Wait did the security guard tell you what happened in the bath room?! That was him! Horny bastard...” I heard footsteps near the door and looked up to it smiling.

The third bulky man walked in with a little plastic plate and presented it to me…
I think stared at it for exactly 6 minutes until I decided I’d rather die of starvation, than eat what looked like a bird had threw up, gave to its babies, ate it again, and pooped it out for bugs to do the same.
“Just eat it.”
“You wanted food, now eat and hurry up I already thought you were mental for staring at it for that long.”
“You’re getting on my nerves kid!”
“No, your cook sucks! I asked for something cooked and not mashed together! WHERE’S MAH COOKIE?!” I turned my head and pouted.
“Sorry, I ate your cookie. And if you’re not going to eat it I’m throwing it away!” He got up and grabbed the plate to take it to the trash can. I glared at him for the first sarcastic phrase. Don’t fuck with me…
I contemplated and played stupid boy.
“Go ahead.”
“I feel sorry for you; your stubbornness is going to get you nowhere.” He threw it in and walked back to the table.
“I feel sorry for the trash can.” The guy snapped his fingers in my face and startled me. Oh hell no!
“Hey! Back to topic; tell us more about your friend. What’s his real name?”
I sighed. This guy was giving me a headache.
“I would if I could. All I’m saying is that you should be as much afraid of him as I am.” I wasn’t kidding. People think it’s stupid to keep your Identity a secret from the world and that it only happens in movies. And that’s what I feel right now. My life is being tormented every day with the thought of never going home. To feel the warmth of the people I grew up with. My fate being decided and bossed around like an office assistant scared to blink and cause mistakes that would be nothing to a normal person. But then again a normal person never lived through the shit I did.
This is taking forever…
Their desperation was respectable and I at least had to honor that. Asking all the easy questions would set in for the reveling ones. Good thing Aoi taught me how to play people.

so this was a bit longer and i think i had some mistakes so don't bish to me about it... jk you can if you want. ;D  oi, my tummy hurts and and i happened to have some ounce of inspiration for this so be happy!
Comments are the keys to my hand cuffs X3



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