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Title: Association
Author: chibichinko
Pairings: OC x Ruki, Aoi x OC, for now
Warnings: bad language, sexual themes, killing. you know, all the good stuff ;D
Disclaimer: They will never be mine!
Summary:The time of reckoning will soon come to these bothered men and I will not hesitated to be the one pointing the gun.
Comments: Bottom :)


Chapter 1:

My name is Ruki. Or at least that’s what Mr. Blue-Sama told me to lie about. Don’t worry I’ll talk but don’t tell him I did, k? Starting with the-…. You know what; I’ll tell you what I thought as all this shit was going on.
I’m a never recomposing nobody’s soul in the lost lustful drunken state of what you would call a mind to think about all the supposable sane things in this perfect society!
The uniformed men stared at me with a confused look that caused me to think of- of-… forget it.
“Tripping you out huh?” A sly grin grew on my face.
“We don’t have time for Shakespeare, ok kid? Either you cooperate with us or rot in a cell with men that wouldn’t be as patient.” He scolded me like a child that munched on cookies from the jar without permission.
“Aw, but I want a cookie!!” I mumbled. This confused them even more.
My mind was being at its random today and felt like challenging law officers. It amused me and let out some well deserved chuckles that left my breath begging for air.
“Don’t think you can get away from this by pleading fucking insanity, boy! Your first mistake was talking shit to my fellow armed officers. Now, enough with this game of yours and cough it up. It’s not going to change your fate.” A dog shit ugly officer yelled in my face. I could smell his breath and knew… it was just like how I described his face.
I cringed and accepted defeat. Let’s see how far I could go without them catching on to my lies.
“Fine, I’ll tell you!” I sighed raising my arms dramatically and slouching in the uncomfortable chair.
Back to my confession…
I actually believed that fucker for a second or…3 weeks. Hey again, I was for myself to actually keep on living for a month more. It’s funny that I would have considered whoring myself for a hope I knew wouldn’t happen.
The depressing part about this is that I felt bad afterward, but I was getting paid. The desperation of caring for me was an immature adult on the run. I was being stupid and gave the guy my real name and address. He was nice, dumb, and my type. I was guilty for leading him on and breaking his heart. My distraction of love came to a price. I was hurt.
Aoi was getting on my case and said I had to get rid of him. When I protested I was slapped. And wasn’t aloud to come back until he was dead or he would kill us both. I could have just left my job right then and there and move on somewhere with my ‘target’.
I still kept the knife I used. He must have had training too. It was pretty hard taking him down and then the blow. I was a mindless, soulless killer with no emotions. But I wasn’t heartless. I admit I cried for hours and thought about taking my own life in my grief. This life long mission wasn’t over and I still had to confirm it.
As the saying goes, the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime.
It was irresistible.
I had to give the “what happened?” act and some “that’s horrible!” sweet face talks.
But I wanted to do the exact opposite, to run. I hated myself. I tried to run from the pain but every corner I turned I saw it. I imagined him lying there and his perfect face stained with a red hue. Motionless.
I tried several attempts at my life.
Oh crap.
I already told you that, So I guess you first impression of me is that I'm a suicidal. Yeah but just don’t make me cry after I make this confession.
But I realized that if I were to leave then I would have had failed. Aoi was my mentor and boss and threatens me all the time, but he’s all I’ve got. And- uh…
"Hey, I’m hungry" I hunched over my waist and made a fake pained expression.
"You need to continue with this story and hurry up."
A disapproving frown appeared on my face. “but you caught me on an empty stomach, I’m not being difficult and don’t give me any of that ‘I’m lying’ shit I’m just gonna pass out."
"Just continue, you can eat in prison"
“Listen, I was thinking more along the lines of a McDonald’s maybe a hamburger. Oh! Make that a cheeseburger and a medium fries with a small drink cause you stupid assholes won’t let me take a piss without a security guard peeping over my shoulder! Plus I think Americans have it easy you know? ”
“What happened to the cookie?” I sensed the sarcasm and rolled my fake colored irises.
The time of reckoning will soon come to these bothered men and I will not hesitated to be the one pointing the gun.

Ehhhhhhhh....... this was sooooooooo short DX but i promise for a longer chapter next. if your still with me on this. thank you!! :D
comments are the chips to my cookie :3



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